Pandanus Consulting bridges the gap between the expensive and sometimes theoretical strategic consultancies offered by large global consulting firms, and labour hire project managers who may not have a lot of strategic and tactical project and change leadership experience.

Methodolgies - Pandanus Consulting

The three different types of roles and market elements illustrated above are very complementary and provide excellent value for money when used together in the right way.  The following table provides some comparison of the attributes representing the majority of practitioners within the three key market elements. The assessments represent generalisations and it is acknowledged that there are variations in attributes across the key market sectors.

Attributes Comparison Large global consulting firms Pandanus Consulting Labour hire Project Managers
Global network of industry specialists and client reference sites providing valuable subject matter expertise for strategic recommendations  Yes  No  No

Branded reports which are effectively quotable in the media and parliament

 Yes  No  No

High quality, strategic reports and executive communication materials

 Yes  Yes  No
Extensive experience in leading complex and detailed change implementation programs and projects which are business critical and time critical  No  Yes  No 
Highly experienced consultancy standard resources  Yes  Yes  No
Drive programs and projects to fast completion using experience (reducing overall program / project cost when factoring in the full program / project team daily ‘burn’ rate)  Yes  Yes  No
Develop, lead and continuously refine tailored approaches to implementing strategic change and provide associated advice   No  Yes  No

Manage implementations in accordance with developed plans and approaches under leadership supervision

 No  Yes  Yes

Directly lead and manage basic projects that are not transformational, business critical and/or time critical

 No  No  Yes
Directly lead and manage low risk ICT projects where the project manager comes from a technical background that provides valuable technical knowledge of relevance to managing a primarily technical project (with low business impact risks)  No  No  Yes
Hourly rates  High  Medium  Low