Methodologies and frameworks provide a structure for execution that can be logically communicated and commonly understood.  They are of real value when used by experienced practitioners who tailor approaches, documentation, effort and direction in an agile manner to suit each specific organisation, its current culture and change status, and each individual project or specialist change being sought.


Pandanus Consulting adopts the following methodologies and frameworks in this context:

  • Program management – Managing Successful Programs (MSP)
  • Project management – PRINCE2 with AGILE fundamentals and elements
  • Change management – ADKAR
  • Business process redesign and quality – Six Sigma (Black belt)

Queensland Government

Pandanus Consulting has extensive experience in the use and tailoring of Queensland Government methodologies including:

  • Program management (utilising MSP)
  • Project management (utilising PRINCE2)
  • Benefits management
  • Risk management

Pandanus Consulting tailors the program, project and organisational change strategies, approaches and plans to meet the individual need of each organisation, program and project, with the above methodologies forming the basic framework behind these customised approaches. Ongoing monitoring and refinement of approaches and activities is critical to successful outcomes – as more information becomes available, approaches are continuously refined by experienced project and change leaders.

Pandanus Consulting does not subscribe to the ‘template filling’ focus of methodology use commonly adopted by inexperienced practitioners.  A balance is struck between

  • Adequate documentation to provide evidence of planning, findings and progress to effectively support assurance and governance and
  • Continuous focus on flexibly delivering the specialist content solutions and changes and actively managing activities, risks, impacts and reactions on a day to day basis to achieve the desired outcomes