Pandanus Consulting has provided services to a variety of public and private organisations. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

General Manager and project executive sponsor

You have fulfilled a very important role on a challenging project. Some descriptors: conscientious, committed, hard-working, professional, approachable, thoughtful, supportive, astute, smart, level headed, honest, trustworthy and reliable. You were good at the big picture level, on top of what you needed to get done and instilled a level of confidence. You did not leave any loose ends.

Executive Director | Queensland Government

You provided the perfect balance – very focussed on the task at hand and very good at relationships. You knew when to push the buttons and when not to. You dealt very well with the external stakeholders, being able to deal well with the trivial and the issues of most importance.

Deputy Executive Director | Queensland Government

We have worked closely on a range of complex and demanding issues. No matter what the task that came your way you delivered. Your dedication, aptitude, attitude, breadth and depth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. Your support, counsel, mentoring, care and interest have been extremely important.